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Tips for the Beginning Songwriter

Tips for the Beginning Songwriter

Most people believe they can write a song. Some even take classes on it. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, most anyone who thinks they can do it could probably write a very good song. At least that is what I say.

When I wrote my song back in high school it was mostly lyrics. I didn’t really have a melody per se but there was a melody. All the same note though. No variation in tone or anything. Very simple. I think anyone could do better than that. So here are my tips for you to be the songwriter that you want to be.

Pick a Genre

Decide on what type of music. If it’s classically based, pop and catchy tunes, or R & B with some bass and a nice beat. Then pick a topic to sing about or do as I do- go from the seat of your pants. Writing a song is not just writing the lyrics it’s also for writing the music. The notes that a person who plays the song actually sees to play the song that was written. That is a song. Both lyrics and the music.

Lyrics can determine what the type of music is. For example, I will borrow from Maya Angelou. “It was in the swing of my hips”. Put that with say a beat or a melody. Singing in a high melodic voice or a more husky voice. Sing with a sympathetic beat or a slow calypso beat. Anything you want to do in order to make your song.

How did I write my song that day?

I started off with the words. As if I was writing a poem. And the poem had to have a rhythm to it. You know the beat. The beat had to be a nice steady beat that would vary at a different pace every so often. Then came the rest of the song.

The music

My favorite music has a nice steady beat that uses say snare drums or a bass drum beat or the drum set. Then the guitar comes in with steady chords and riffs. Then the special instruments beside the voice. Like a trumpet, alto or tenor sax and your tambourine. Put it all together and you have a helluva a musical sound to now put your lyrics too. I use a program on my computer that you can use too. It will write the music notes and your lyrics.

When you put them all together you have a song that you wrote and can play. You didn’t need all those instruments just a computer program to simulate what you wanted.