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Writing Music as Therapy

Writing Music as Therapy

Almost everyone has some sort of coping mechanism they use to get through tough times or just to keep them balanced and centered.  For some they use exercise, others create art and some write music.  All of us at some point are going to experience pain, sadness, loss, loneliness, fear and anxiety, but you get to choose how you deal with it.  For many writing music as therapy is how they cope, and it is also how some incredible music gets created.

Everyday Tragedies

All of us go through some personal tragedy, but just because heartbreak is something that eventually happens to everyone doesn’t make it any less painful.  Some people just internalize that pain, some throw themselves into work to deal with and some people turn that pain into some incredible music.  Think of Adele and her album “21” it sold millions of albums and topped the charts for nearly 2 years.  The songs were all about heartbreak and the end of a relationship, things that everyone has gone through.  Instead she took her pain and used song writing as a means to deal with it.

Writing Music as Therapy

If you talk to many song writers they will tell you that they definitely using songwriting as a form of therapy, it helps manage their demons and writing is a way to exorcise them.  Many of them will tell you that if it weren’t for music they would never be able to cope.  Each has their own process for writing songs some are very analytical while others just let the creativity flow.  Here is how to use songwriting as your personal therapist.

The Process

each songwriter has their own process for getting their songs on paper.  Some sit in a candlelit room with pen, paper and a guitar and the music flows for them.  Others need don’t need the quiet they prefer the feedback of others and collaborations help them work through a song.  Whatever inspires your muse or whatever environment you need to create to let the writing flow is perfectly fine.

Some writers can crank out song after song and are very good at channeling their pain into words.  There are artists that have libraries full of unreleased material.  They don’t always want that work made public or don’t feel it is good enough.  Music or song writing can be a great cathartic experience and sometimes that is exactly what you need.